The Zane Page

Vital Statistics
Name: Zane Andrew
Date of Birth: June 9, 1997
Weight at Birth: 6 lbs 15 oz
Current Weight: about 40 lbs
Nicknames: Zaner, Z
Hobbies: Reading, reading,
designing multimedia webpages
Likes: Lego, Hardy Boys, kickball
Favorite numbers: 4, 10, 44

First Day of First Grade

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Siblings The Siblings Page
in which
Zane and Rachel are very cute together
Friends The Friends Page
in which
Zane gets cute with his friends
Anna-Sofie and Z go for a drive The Rides Page
in which
various forms of transportation are riden, driven, and generally admired by Zane
fake family of four smaller.jpg (23344 bytes) The Family Page
in which
Zane hangs out with family members
Funny face cousins The Cousins Page
in which
Alex and Zane are very, very cute
Goin' for the bubble The Bath Page
in which
baths are taken by Zane and his friends
How 'bout that tongue? The Solo Page
in which
it is shown that Zane can be cute without the help of friends

The Photo Archive Page
in which
all the old web photos are saved forever and ever

The Animation Archive Page
in which
all the old web animated photos are saved forever and ever

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