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Four families: Sunday at the Park, April 21, 2002
Dads' Group at Little Farm, March 11, 2002
Playgroup (Katherine's Birthday), March 6, 2002


playgroup.jpg (50210 bytes)

Sarah, Zane, Alex and Hank
Doesn't Sarah look too hot in all those clothes?

Angel Island

Ben, Hank, Zane and Liana, enjoying the bay view from the top of Angel Island


Charlotte, Zane and Anna-Sofie taking their chances on a rough trail


Tree Huggers

Piggyback Ride

Just a bunch of hippie, tree-hugging babies


Anna-Sofie and Zane.  Shouldn't they be smiling?


Halloween Lineup
Three cats (Sarah, Zane, Omar), and a pea pod (unknown kid)


Leslie, AJ, the Easter Bunny, Sonja and Zane (the Easter Bunny is the one with the big ears)


Rock Tossin'
Zane and Megan, tossing rocks into the water


Zane and Hank rock!

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