Evan's Picks

You probably don't care, but here's what Evan's been up to lately.  This list doesn't represent my all-time favorites of anything; it's just what's been on my mind (or turntable).  This page is updated at random intervals, so check often (or never at all).


CD: J Mascis and the Fog (with Mike Watt) live at Slim's, 11/14/00
Vinyl: Circle Jerks, "Group Sex"
Ella Fitzgerald, "Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas"
Tape: Paul Simon Unplugged


Haven't touched my bike since I got this damned computer!
Computer grafix: Falling Down
Web Surfing: Pete Townshend's tour diaries
Quaffing: Anchor Xmas
Quoting: "Happy Who-lidays"
  from the U.S. Postal Service
Asking stupid trivia questions:
How many bytes in a megabyte?
Answer to the last trivia question:


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Pretty sweet job we all got, huh?

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