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family_isla_ixtapa.jpg (36714 bytes)

Isla Ixtapa


pink blanket (19898 bytes)

about 5 days old


raising kane.jpg (24398 bytes)

raising Kane!


r first dry off.jpg (19890 bytes)

Rachel getting dry from her first bath


Couch kiss
A kiss for baby sister.


Reading lesson
Reading lesson for Rachel


angel.jpg (20585 bytes)

Rachel, about 1 day old


fake photo
On the beach in LA... sort of...


fam_at_rest.jpg (15851 bytes)

Weren't we cute back then?


as_and_z_stand.jpg (4288 bytes)
American Gothic, toddler-style (Z and Anna-Sofie)


fence.jpg (24031 bytes)
Zane, Megan, Sarah and Jordan


dads_hiking.jpg (20234 bytes)
Hank, Bill, Richard, Liana, Mark (Ben hiding), Evan and Zane.


biker_cousins.jpg (10816 bytes)
Biker cousins


hiking.jpg (15343 bytes)
Goin' for a walk


in_awe.jpg (7313 bytes)
County Fair


merrygoroundmed.jpg (8158 bytes)
Merry Go Round


photo_booth_single.jpg (3511 bytes)
I think Zane sees an alien


pony_ride.jpg (16890 bytes)
Living up to his cowboy name


shower.jpg (14637 bytes)
At AJ's shower


Happy and near-naked
First B-Day party invite


baby_z.JPG (12648 bytes)
Ain't he pretty?

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